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I am going on inspection, and as such, I need professional business pants with no cuffs, and I would like professional shirts that don't gap or do other stupid things at the breast line. So, armed with gift cards we've had for a while, [profile] wanderingfey and I head off to the downtown Nordy's, on the assumption that if it's in a Nordy's in western Washington, it'll be there, and I want a quick-and-dirty shopping experience. (I'd forgotten about the Rack on 2nd, or I would have stopped there first.)

After trying on probably every 14W cuffless pant in the store, [profile] wanderingfey found the one 14W Petite in the store, and it fit pretty much perfectly. And just as I was on my way out, the incredibly helpful and awesome clerk Margit pulled a breezy, cool white blouse from the sales rack that just only a very slight pulling on it. So, all in all, an extremely successful shopping trip. Except that I thought there was a Lane Bryant in downtown Seattle. Turns out that there's not, but there's one in Alderwood, and at Northgate. So I may go there later this week.

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It's done! Apart from my cravat, which is somewhere in the house and will probably show up next weekend, I have, in my possession, all of the base pieces for Faraday's outfit! Eeeeeeeee!

So shiny, so pretty. So very, very, very warm. I foresee much taking off and putting on of layers.

I do look like a ship, with the prow sticking out majestically, but for all that, it's just fantastic. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the pieces put together, which it will be for the wedding.

And I have a big ol' grin on my face when I think about it.

Oh, and if you're going to Steamcon, try and catch Marie in her Girl Genius-inspired lab coat with the long tails. She liked the effect of my uniform jacket so much, she used it for her own work. All hail engineering!

(The bunny jumping up and down on the Dreamwidth account? Totally sums up my mood right now.)


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