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I don't know if y'all know, but the FDA recently seized all the cheese at Estrella Family Creamery and warned people to toss any that might still be on the shelves.

Was this justified? In MY OPINION, (and not those of anyone else, especially not the FDA), boy howdy, are they ever. The Washington State Ag Department (WADA) first started investigating them back in February. The WADA and the FDA tested and/or inspected four more times; in all cases either cheese, production areas, or both tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. The creamery was asked to engage in a voluntary recall. They refused. So on the 21st, Marshals and inspectors went to the creamery and seized all the product.

At this point, I was very sorry for the business owners. It's a small local business. They do raw milk products, which means they're under a microscope, and that sucks. They just had their livelihood yanked out from under them, and that really, really sucks.

So even though I've read the affidavit (linked on that FDA link) and it looks justified to me, I still felt really sorry for these folks, and I was hoping that they'd get their act cleaned up fast and be back in production soon.

Right up until tonight, that is.

Because I read the comments attached to the Seattle Times story about the seizure, which had a repost of something that was originally posted by Kelli Estrella on her blog. I couldn't find a direct link, but according to Bill Marler at his food outbreaks blog, that's because she took it down. The entire post from Kelli Estrada can be found in the comments of that blog, but here's the bit that titled my post:

This is happening to us because we live in a nation that, as a whole, has rejected God's commandments. Check out the 10 commandments found in Deut. 5:6-21 if you don't know them. What part of "Do not kill" do we not understand? Everybody knows in their heart that the unborn are living human beings. Do we think that God doesn't see the carnage? Do we really think that our nation will continue to be blessed if we ignore his laws? I would suggest that if our nation does not repent, we will soon be reduced to losing a whole lot more than special cheeses. We will be like the prodigal son who found himself reduced to eating out of a pig trough.



Please, if you need to, go to the wikipedia link about L. mono that I posted up there. Even better, read the article on listeriosis, which is what you get from L. mono. Listeriosis causes miscarriages, stillbirths, and preterm labor. Listeriosis kills unborn children.

In person, I went on a bit of a four-letter rant after reading that lovely little bit of hypocrisy. But I try to be more polite on something that I can never get back, so here's the politer version.

Lady, if you follow the rules, no one would bother you. The FDA is going after you because listeria kills people and fetuses, more often fetuses. Your cheese is a murder weapon waiting to happen, and you refuse to unload the metaphorical gun. So the FDA and WADA are going to do it for you.

And I say thank G-d for them. Because it could have been my child that you killed. Or my sister's, or my cousin's, or my friend's. You could have killed any number of children. You may have already done so. They're making sure you don't kill any more.
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I just spent most of the day trying to fix the problem in my LC method that made the entire computer freeze to death when it tried to analyze the data after a run. (Freeze as in, "I get to pull the power cord out because the on/off switch won't work." frozen.)

It turns out that the method is fine. The computer just needs defragging.

Head, meet desk.


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