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Kidlet actually slept for five straight hours last night, and let me get another three in after that. And she's probably out for a little longer, now, which actually gives me time to do things like write. Not even an attempt at NaNo this year for me, I'm afraid. When just a blog post takes time, 1700 words/day is not happening.

But Kidlet is growing up. She's all about crawling right now. If she spots a toy she wants, she is making a beeline to it. Last night, she was in the front half of the living room while I was in the kitchen, making bread. I had the mixer off, so she could hear me. Kidlet crawled around the half-wall that separates the living room and kitchen, and was making her way towards me when she got distracted by [profile] wanderingfey's computer's power supply. Which is the point where I scooped her up. But still, this was excellent problem solving on Kidlet's part. She also got to see the stand mixer working, but was disappointed when I wouldn't let her dive headfirst into the running mixer. Life is just full of disappointments, isn't it?

She's cutting teeth; there's a second one that's just beginning to bud through. And we're switching to the 6-18 month pacifiers. She's able to stuff most of the 0-6 month soothies in her mouth now. We're hoping the stiffness and extra depth of the stopper on the 6-18 month ones mean that she won't be able to do that anymore.

She is now sitting very comfortably on her sit bones. She's probably got better posture than me; when she sits up, her back is very straight.

And there she goes...must run
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