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My body is definitely rearranging itself. I am decidedly pudgy in the forward direction. More so than usual, anyway. It is...a little twitchy for me.

Also, I can do without the 5:30 am alarm in my head, which seems to be going off this week regardless of what I do. I can ignore the other ones, but 5:30 just won't shut up.

We went to Beth Am last night. Mom and Dad joined us, since I was singing with the choir. I suspect I will be able to feel the kavanah more when I'm more used to the music, and especially when I'm not trying to pick the correct notes out of the air on the fly from the sopranos around me. Fortunately, I am surrounded by some good sopranos, so that helps. I am getting better at sight-reading, though. Perhaps when Peanut is older, I'll audition for the Seattle Women's Chorus again. (I also might have a bit more confidence in my abilities at that time.)

I'm probably going to go to services this morning. I wonder if it sucks or is awesome to have your b'nai mitzvah during Hannukah.

We went to the Taproot Thursday night with [profile] wanderingfey's mom and stepfather. They're showing Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be be, but it was still quite good. Watson was excellent, although I would have also liked to have seem more of Mycroft. Moriarty was fabulous; that was easily the best Marley scene I've seen since A Muppet Christmas Carol. I couldn't quite warm up to Holmes, but Holmes isn't necessarily a warm-up-to sort of guy. Holmes was a much harder nut to crack than Scrooge often is; he didn't really start to break down until a decent way into the third spirit. But it was all very believable and as true to the character of Holmes as one can get and still have the format of A Christmas Carol. I also missed the lack of children that they get at ACT; Young Holmes was a bit too tall for my taste. He was, however, very easy on the eyes.


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