Sep. 16th, 2010 08:13 pm
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Okay, my fansquee just gave out in joy.

So, I loved Martha. She was smart, she was witty, she was rational, she was put together. I love her far, far more than I ever liked Rose. (Donna took me a while to warm up to, but I love her too now. But not as much as Martha.)

I was very, very sad that she didn't go on for season 4, but I had heard that Freema Agyeman was going to be in Law and Order: UK, and went, "Hey, the woman is working. Good for her."

But now [personal profile] lithera linked to this post wherein it is described that L&O: UK is going to be premiering on BBC America this October! Freema! On my TV! Yaaaaaay!

So then I have to go check out the wiki page on L&O: UK, to see who she plays, and...who's that on the other side of the cast photo? Is that...Jamie Bamber?


If I were not exhausted and having to do this 3:30 am thing again tomorrow, I would be on the net trolling for fanfic.

Yeah, that's getting TiVo'ed.
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I'd heard of the song a long time back, especially at this post, where the author, Seanan McGuire, asks for other women to write verses for. I liked the song, but only intellectually. It's hard to love a song you've never heard.

Then, at the great big author/song shindig at Wayward a few months back, Kitten Sundae plus extra Seanan sprinkles performed it as their "last" song.

I cried. I stood, at the back of the official audience area, with tears not quite fully streaming down my face, but only because it was hot and I was probably dehydrated. Everyone else seemed to adore the last song, which was brand-new, but, really, I couldn't tell you what that song was if I'd tried. There was something in that song that touched me in a very raw, searing, soul-deep part of my soul that's not quite healed.

Fast forward a few weeks. I want to hear this song again. Desparately, desparately want this song. But the pre-order page for Seanan's Wicked Girls page said that the pre-orders weren't available yet, and anyway, pre-orders don't help when you want the song NOW. (I should note that the album is up for pre-orders now. I am waiting for the next paycheck.)

And now I will never again be irritated by fans with video cameras again, because two blessed fans taped two different versions of the song being performed. And I can listen to the song again, and again, and again.

And I still cry. Every darned time.

Part of it is guilt or shame, for feeling like I've not lived up to the song's themes. Part of it is pure, unadulterated joy, at the sheer possibility of the song, of the meaning behind it, of the joyous audacity, of the strength, and the verve, and the awesome-ness. But really, I don't know why. I just know that I love this song. (Of course, this is obvious, or I wouldn't be burbling all about it on the internet.)

Here's the link to the video of Seanan and Vixy singing it. This one is my favorite, though, because Sooj is Vixy's backup, and as awesome as Seanan is, I love Sooj. Plus, the sound quality is better. Probably because SoulFood has warmer acoustics.

Listen to it or don't, either is fine with me. Most of you dislike or despise filk, and I'm not into making people listen to music they hate. But I doubt that most of my friendslist has ever heard of this song, and it seems very unfair to keep it to myself.
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I found this movie on Netflix. Today, I watched it.

There is a dinosaur. It is, quite possibly, the best part about this movie.
[profile] wanderingfey is convinced that there was a sale on dinosaur FX when they were making this movie.

We watched it sober. DO NOT DO THIS! This is a movie to be watched at least two glasses in, if not three entire sheets to the wind. Robert and Thorpe? Really? Mrs. Holmes, you have much to answer for in this universe.

And, honestly, as long as you are drunk, it's pretty good.

And in good Sherlock news -- PBS's Masterpiece Mystery is going to show Sherlock! THe last time I heard about this, the BBC had made it impossible for anyone outside the UK to even see the trailer. And I hate watching things on the computer anyway. But, SQUEEEEEEE! I will get to see it! (Provided KCTS doesn't screw this up. And they shouldn't; they're good about Masterpiece. [I am still miffed that the Great Performances show of Chess never aired in our area.)

Mmmmmm, broken Holmes. Love, love, love.


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