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That was interesting. Kidlet generally sleeps for two to three hours in a row at night, and then fusses until she is picked up and fed. So I get up at 3:45ish, really wanting just a half hour more sleep, please. But a child does not have a snooze button, more is the pity.

So I get up, pick her up, and take her into her bedroom, while she slips down my body, trying to get to the breast. We get the upstairs nom pillow and get settled in feeding positions.

And then it is 4:15, and she is asleep in my lap and I have not even pulled the breast out of the bra for feeding. I literally have no conception of the time passing, except that the clock has suddenly jumped ahead, so we must have fallen asleep in the chair.

In other news, this is Kidlet's first Rosh Hashanah. We went to my parents' house for the seder, which was very nice. Kidlet did enjoy herself, but I think there was too much noise and too much action for her to properly eat. I tried feeding her twice throughout the night, and she'd only eat a little before pulling off the breast multiple times. And when we got in the car, we hadn't gotten much more than a couple of miles before she started screaming. So we found a parking lot, and she had a good, solid feed. Then I got in the back with her and held her hand, and we both fell asleep on the way home. The moral of the story? Take the child into a quiet room to eat, not just slightly away from the gathering.

I'm not going to services this year; I've been away from work too much lately, and I'd only be going to the children's services anyway. But I will at least be going to the Yom Kippur children's services, with Kidlet, natch. I might do more services next year, when I don't feel quite so guilty about leaving Kidlet at home, and when I don't need to pump during the day.

L'shanah tovah tikatevu!


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