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I just had three dreams, two of which involved me getting angry. The first one had me getting into a huge fight with [profile] wanderingfey. Fortunately, when I woke up, he was just about ready to get into bed, so I got snuggles and reassurances that no, in fact, we were not fighting. It's a little weird that your emotions can get so hyped up ove nothing that getting actual, calming snuggles really can make you feel better.

The third dream involved going to a party, with real people like [personal profile] lithera and [profile] sharkcowsheep there, and as I was waking up, I was going through the party saying good-bye to everyone. It was a bit surreal to wake up, since the dream was so realistic.

[personal profile] trilliumgrl's shower seemed to be fairly successful. Some people didn't show, so the spread of people between the two tables wasn't as good as I would have liked, but other than that, people seemed to have a really good time, and [personal profile] trilliumgrl was thrilled, so, really, I can't ask for more. And I got to see people that I haven't seen in a long time, and that was good too.

Things that I have learned:

1) Demitasse tea cup are good. Mugs of tea are fine for normal use, but you cycle through pots, and hence continue to have good hot water longer, with demitasses.

2) Similarly, the fewer people at the table, the fewer tea pots. They can be cycled through faster and hence can have more hot water.

3) Honeybush vanilla is awesome. (But I knew that already.)

4) Have someone in the kitchen boiling water. And maybe have two teakettles going.

5) Remind people as they leave that we are more than happy to have them take cookies with them. I think my co-workers are going to wonder if Christmas or Thanksgiving is early this year.

6) Corsets and tights do not work well. Corsets and garters is a much better idea. This will become important very shortly, as I was planning on doing white tights under the pants for the aviatrix outfit. We shall see what happens.

7) I need to not freak out. Seriously, standing at the sink on...Tuesday? Wednesday? Holding a pot and saying, "I can't let go"? Actually scary. I have some nasty little mental quirks in my subsystems, and it feels like they come out more and more as I get older. Fortunately, after I actually allowed myself to break down, I got better.

8) I cook food for people to show my love. That is also a little scary.

9) The millionaire bars (shortbread, dulce de leche, and chocolate) should get scored along the shortbread after it comes out of the oven, and scored again along the chocolate once it cools a bit. So very tasty, but so very, very hard to cut up. I swear that to get the pretty picture, they took an electric carving knife to them. They might also be serve well by a foil carry-case, so they can be lifted out of the pan wholly when required.

10) I can, in fact, hold a dinner party for 20-25 in my house, and it will work. It will be buffet-style, however.

11) If we hold gatherings like this more often, we need to buy more serving platters, or at least dig out the boxes of china and go through them for the needed stuff.

12) I need to go through the boxes of china and relabel them with both type and what is in them. Because trying to dig through heavy boxes stacked four high which contain 2-3 different types of china and/or glassware to find desert plates? Not fun. I was thrilled when Mom brought me my china, because then I didn't have to dig. (I inherited Noni's china, but since I was living in a studio in Alameda at the time, I left it with my parents. I also now have my bat mitzvah candlesticks, my birth plate and kiddush cup, and my name inheritance, which is apparently two little gold-rimmed decorative plates which are, at this point, probably at least a century old. That discovery was a little odd.

My deep and abiding thanks go to [profile] puppygrrl and my mom. They both came over last Saturday and spent most of the day baking, and we got a *lot* done. And then Mom came over yesterday, and we made the sandwich fillings and set up, and she brought over all of the teapots, most of the teacups, the second table, and all sorts of needed things. And of course, [profile] wanderingfey was wonderful, both during the week and at the event itself.

And really, thank you to everyone who came. It would have sucked without you, and I'm just thrilled that <lj user="trilliumgrl" got to have something so very nice for her wedding.


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