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I kind of want to air grievances about that weekend, but lately my posts have been ranty. So no.

The Halloween-stravaganza, what I was around of it for, was really very nice. I did have a good time, despite it all, and it was nice to see folks.

The chill-out gathering at [personal profile] lithera and [profile] pullthestars was more to my speed, but that's because I'm an introverty kind of girl. Plus, what is not to love about yarn and shoe shopping? (Despite the fact that I bought nothing.) And despite my detestation of all things zombie, Zombie Dice is an awesome game.

I now have my copy of Mischief, and I am thrilled! (With the additional stickers and trading cards. I need a very good place to put up the little one with a labyrinth and the message of "May you raise your eyes and never bow your head." It...means a lot to me.) I haven't listened to it yet. It'll probably get ripped onto my mp3 player first. We also picked up the new Alexander James Adams CD and one by Sharon Knight. She looked interesting, but we decided to just pick up our CD on Sunday and not stick around for the concert. It was a good decision.

And it looks like the Halloween decorations did the trick! (Also, the lack of rain.I poured buckets last year.) We got four trick-or-treaters last night! This despite not turning on our lights until about 6:30 pm. I fully applaud those parents and kids. (We are also rewarding their efforts with full-size candy bars, as both [profile] wanderingfey and I can *still* remember which houses gave out the full-size ones. We assume word will spread.)

We stopped by Central Market for groceries last night, and the area was mobbed with kids and parents. The shopping complex was giving out candy, and, well, yeah. The grocery store, except for the front, where the candy and the deli food counter were, was practically deserted.

I do not like this trend towards going to brightly-lit mall areas for trick-or-treating. Don't let your kid eat anything homemade, walk with them, and watch out for cars. How hard is that? If you can't trust your neighbors not to poison your kids, why do you live there? I swear, if our neighborhood goes dark on Halloween, I'll schlep the Hypothetical Child to their grandparents in Burien before I'll take them corporate trick-or-treating.
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This has not been a good week for the exercising; I've only made two Wii entries so far, but I did get to the gym Thursday night. I've been doing a lot of driving, and I am sick and tired of it. Monday is unlikely to be a go-anywhere sort of day. Maybe.

But it's been good for talking, and getting some stuff out in the open that needed to be discussed, and hopefully a healthier relationship can come from that.

Work is going well, but I find myself walking around more, just to stop from sitting all the time. And talking to other people more, because otherwise, I won't. But I'm also spending more time with the micro people, which gives me more people to talk to and know, and that's very nice.

I really can't complain, except about the car and when I spend too much.

Today is a girl lunch and (hopfully!) baking challah for Rosh Hashanah.

New goals

Aug. 8th, 2010 07:10 am
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I now own a new DDR pad. I've no idea where my old one is; it disappears somewhere between Washington and California.

It's amazing how little video games cost when you're buying them five years after release. ;)

I am now working on a new exercise goal: At least 10 minutes of activity five out of seven days, preferably seven out of seven; and at least one trip to the gym a week, preferably two. We shall see how this goes. I'm borrowing [profile] horriblywrong's Wii Fit to see how I like that, and between that and DDR, I'm hoping to have some success. And maybe not fall off this wagon.

I don't like my body shape. My health care people really don't like my shape. And I'm starting to get to the point where I actually like the way I feel after exercising. (Just not necessarily beforehand.) So maybe with enough variety, I'll actually stick with this. We shall see.


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