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Kidlet had her very first swim lesson today. She's loved playing in the water at bath time, and she gets very excited when we're near a fountain, so we figured that she'd love swimming lessons.

And she does. We didn't do the safe getting into the water thing, as Kidlet has so fussy by the time the last class got out that I couldn't wait to get her into the water, and I didn't realize that there was a safety protocol. So next week, we will not get to the pool nearly so early, and we will be working on patience, which will be...interesting.

Kidlet does not like being on her back, so the being-on-her-back exercises weren't nifty until I started to move quickly. Kidlet adores going zoom, so it got a lot more successful. Even better was zooming around in a circle, causing a great deal of waves. And since both kids in the class were totally comfortable with water being poured on their head, we will be starting submersion next week! That will be interesting.

I'm exhausted, Kidlet is exhausted, and this has been very, very successful. Also, I like playing in the water with Kidlet.
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It's a little scary to realize that Kidlet is growing up already. She no longer wants to be swaddled at night, and she will actively wriggle her way out of a swaddle. She has more active alert times, and we've actually started to do some non-burping tummy time. (She's getting pretty darned adept at raising her head, and yesterday she did half of a roll.)

It's a little disconcerting. And, unfortunately, it now makes songs like "Sunrise, Sunset" and "Yesterday" (Thank you, Muppet Show) something resembling tearjearkers. I am a sap.

Also, the lack of swaddle means that she makes a lot more noises in her sleep, and I'm still learning to filter those out, to sleep through the meaningless ones, and respond to the meaningful. It makes my sleep even more broken than before, which is not fun.

It took me five days to get motivated to learn how to juggle a book with one off hand, or even with no hands. (Hardcovers only for the latter.) Because no matter how much I love my child, there's only so long that I can stare at her before going, "I would like something to read now, please." (It doesn't help that breastfeeding, even when done right, elicits pain in me, and distractions are really useful.) I just finished 1636: The Saxon Uprising, which is the interesting payoff for all the really boring setup that makes up 1635: The Eastern Front. Still, I wonder how much longer books will be written in this universe. There are very few places to start beyond the first book. I'm also almost finished with Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection, which is really helpful right now. Helpful in the whole, "No, it's okay; you're being a good mother" sort of way, which I need some reassurance for when I don't have enough deep sleep and start crying. (Which I am wont to do when I have a few spare minutes where I don't need to be doing anything.)

I'm not terribly good at talking to Kidlet. Sometimes I can really get a conversation going, but usually I'm just quiet. I feel like I'm stunting her vocabulary. At least, when I talk to her, I use adult words and full sentences. Minus the pronouns. Mommy is getting very good at speaking in the third person.

Off to a lactation appointment. I never thought that I would consider 10 am to be far too early to be up and out of the house.
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Christmas Eve and Christmas day were very nice this year, but in the back of my head, there was a niggling little voice that kept saying "This is the last Christmas like this." That voice was there for Hannukkah too, but not quite the same. Hannukkah is much more spread out, and so the "adults-only"-ness also got spread out and diluted. But, especially the last two days, I kept thinking about how Kidlet would react to all of the tissue paper, the boxes, the lights, the trees, and all of the trappings that make up the Christmases that I married into. And, honestly, how much Kidlet will be enjoying it. Kidlet is going to have three sets of grandparents for which Kidlet is the only focus of their attention, and all of them love having little kids at the winter holidays. That's the big reason my mother hasn't hosted a Hannukkah celebration at her house in years -- the party, decorations, and trappings got dull without the kids in the house.

So next year, I will inherit the old decorations (and possibly get some new ones as well) and pick a night (or afternoon) to have the family Hannukkah party. (And I will make latkes with my mother, because I need to learn to make them well. The latkes this year were edible, but I wouldn't serve them to guests.) And Kidlet will start in on the joys of Sock Night, and Book Night, and Latke Night. And, (saddest of all for me), Kidlet will inherit the menorah that I have used since I was a very small child. My mother bought it in Israel with the intention of giving it to her first-born, which was me. And I always thought that I would give it to my first born. So night eight was a little bittersweet for me this year. Still, it's not like we don't have extra menorahs around the house.

I just looked up Hannukkah for 2011. Chabad says that it's December 20-28th. When is the weekend of Hannukkah? The 24th and 25th. This is going to get interesting. Perhaps there will be a Hannukkah party on Friday night, and we can light the Shabbat candles and the hannukiah at the same time. We shall see. I think [profile] wanderingfey may go into over-socialization mode by the 26th.
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So we went in for the big ultrasound on Tuesday. Once again, I had to have a full bladder, and there are few things more uncomfortable than having someone press a large piece of plastic into your stomach with a full bladder.

Kidlet was not as active as it has been in the past, but it was still being, according to the tech, squirrelly. Part of me wants to be able to feel Kidlet, and part of me is dreading it, because I have a feeling that it will gleefully kick, punch, and head-butt every internal organ of mine it can reach.

Kidlet's skin is translucent and it has very few muscles at the moment, so it was really easy to see the skeleton. Group Health is kind enough to put a secondary monitor on the wall so the proddee can see what's going on.

There was a fantastic shot of the spinal cord -- you could see each vertebrae, and all of the ribs coming down. It was almost like a picture in an anatomy textbook.

The heart was pumping away, very quickly, and the tech got a really good shot of all four chambers, doing what they're supposed to do. The heart rate is also what it's supposed to be at this age, too.

"Baby's Urinary Tract" just struck me as an amusing way to put it. True, but amusing.

Lots of head shots, and we were assured that everything was where it was supposed to be.

Kidlet still had two arms and two legs, but now we could see the femur and the humerus. They were these big, long, glowing white sticks. Instead of being out of an anatomy book, they were out of a Halloween picture, because you couldn't really see what they were attached to.

I got a call from my OB's office yesterday, and I was assured that I did not have placenta previa, and that all of the vital stats that the tech had collected for Kidlet were, in fact, in the range of normal. So that's all good.

A statement of gender will wait until after the holidays.


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