Dec. 6th, 2010 09:44 pm
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I made my first ever batch of grown-up latkes! See, I've never bothered before, or just had some from Mom or my sister. But Latke Night is one of those things which must be done, so tonight was latke night.

The recipe I found needed another egg, I think. It jsut didn't bind quite enough. And if there's more egg, I think the latkes themselves will come out better; less of this too-thick on one side and too-thin on the other.

We also made cottage-cheese-and-matzah-meal latkes, which get fried in oil like potato latkes, but are otherwise dissimilar. They were surprisingly good. And they will probably re-heat well, which I'm certain that the potato ones will not. (Which was why we ate all the potato ones and save most of the cheese.) Again, they could have done with more egg.

Also, when the latke recipe says, "Serves 4," apparently, what it means is "Serves 4 as the entire freaking meal" because I cut the recipe in half and [profile] wanderingfey and I had nothing but latkes and applesauce for dinner. Tasty, but really heavy.

Happy Hannukkah, y'all!
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Nguh. Part of me wants to invite more people to second night seder, and part of me is going, "Are you nuts?" There's Treecon and Mom-helping that weekend, a Sooj concert Sunday night, and first night (natch) on Monday evening, so almost no time to prepare. At the same time, Norwes isn't on the first or second nights, and I really want to take over second night. (Mom has first night, natch.)

So I have two quajadus and one-and-a-half tins of prasa in the freezer, so that's the more ... OMGtimerestraint stuff out of the way. But I want fruit and veggie platters, because wow, it's so much easier to eat during Pesach if you have all this pre-cut fruit and veg hanging around your house. And I'll need an entree and side dishes. At the moment, I'm thinking lamb, pink rice, and this nifty eggplant-and-cheese dish that seems like it would freeze (or just chill) well. But we'll see. No fish course, I think. It's just soemthing that I don't know how to do well, and I don't want to try and pull it off at the moment.

And cookies. I need to bake cookies...

Iced tea

May. 24th, 2009 07:27 pm
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It is really hot outside. For me. I wanted iced tea. I now have all the things that I need for iced looseleaf. Which is to say, something that will let me hot-brew the leaves, and then add more water and make the rest cold.

Things to remember:

Four tablespoons of rock sugar is good, but might be able to be lessened.

Ten tablespoons of peppermint tea is not. A numbed tongue is bad.

The ice cubes need more than twenty minutes to freeze.

If you need to add water as well as ice, it will take longer for the pitcher to reach optimal coldness.

I also picked up two ounces of Honeybush Vanilla, because it smelled of awesome. I'm hoping that it tastes as good as it smells.


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