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Facebook makes me want to post here. I post there, and I think, "Your LJ/DW accounts are all lonely for lack of content. Don't you want to fill them up with something vaguely more meaningful than you're willing to post here? Or at least with more words?"

I'm actually all excited to go to the gym tonight. I have a lovely new bathing suit, which shows more cleavage than I want to show anywhere other than Con, but at least everything important is secured and covered. [profile] wanderingfey found a place called Torrid in Northgate that sells trendy-ish stuff for larger and curvy women. Most of their stuff is 0-4, and I found that depending on the garment, I fit 0-3 sizes, inclusive. It was odd. But I now have a nice tank top and a great vest (I LOVE VESTS!), and a new pair of jeans. Plus the very nice, very simple swimsuit. (Which, when you look like me, simple is not *simple*, but it can look simple from the outside.)

I also finally got my new glasses. For five years, I have had Californian optometrists say, "Oh no, your vision isn't any different from what your prescription says." Well, when I got my Washington driver's license, I couldn't pass the vision test unless I pressed my glasses up to my eyes. Bad juju. So I went to my new eye doctor, and I very firmly told the assistant that My Eyes Had Changed. And she did one test and said, in essence, "Holy monkey, you are totally not this prescription any more!" It's nice to be believed.

So I now have very pretty safety glasses, and very pretty everyday glasses with the little magnetic sunglasses, because I *really* wanted a pair of sunglasses. And if anyone ever needs prescription safety glasses, I do recommend the See Store out of Group Health. You don't need to be a member, and I bought mine for half or a quarter of the cost of what other people at my work paid.

And it's dinner now, so I will leave this little ramble here.


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