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So I did succeed in my goals: one session at the gym, and at least ten minutes of solid working out for six days this week. The last two days have been really difficult; the heat is making me utterly exhausted right now. I don't want to do anything, let alone move.

I set up the Wii Fit today, having finally found decently priced rechargable AAs. At Brookstone, of all places! The Wii Fit is fun, and having it tell me how large I am wasn't as horrific as I feared. (Really, it wasn't much more than my doctor told me.) I found at that I really suck at push-ups, have fairly bad balance, and am decently good at cardio things. Also, I think working up t an hour of step aerobics is doable. I enjoyed the six minutes of low intensity step that the Wii gave me. Maybe someday I'll actually enjoy a step class instead of wishing the interminable hell was over.

I think sleep will come very easy tonight.

Oh, and Puzzle Quest 2 is awesome. As is Everett Kaser's Scotland Yard. I'm having way too much fun with video games lately.

We watched Frost/Nixon as well today. I think I kind of understand more why my mother still loathes Nixon after all these years. Good movie; very good movie. I do highly recommend it.

New goals

Aug. 8th, 2010 07:10 am
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I now own a new DDR pad. I've no idea where my old one is; it disappears somewhere between Washington and California.

It's amazing how little video games cost when you're buying them five years after release. ;)

I am now working on a new exercise goal: At least 10 minutes of activity five out of seven days, preferably seven out of seven; and at least one trip to the gym a week, preferably two. We shall see how this goes. I'm borrowing [profile] horriblywrong's Wii Fit to see how I like that, and between that and DDR, I'm hoping to have some success. And maybe not fall off this wagon.

I don't like my body shape. My health care people really don't like my shape. And I'm starting to get to the point where I actually like the way I feel after exercising. (Just not necessarily beforehand.) So maybe with enough variety, I'll actually stick with this. We shall see.


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