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It's a little scary to realize that Kidlet is growing up already. She no longer wants to be swaddled at night, and she will actively wriggle her way out of a swaddle. She has more active alert times, and we've actually started to do some non-burping tummy time. (She's getting pretty darned adept at raising her head, and yesterday she did half of a roll.)

It's a little disconcerting. And, unfortunately, it now makes songs like "Sunrise, Sunset" and "Yesterday" (Thank you, Muppet Show) something resembling tearjearkers. I am a sap.

Also, the lack of swaddle means that she makes a lot more noises in her sleep, and I'm still learning to filter those out, to sleep through the meaningless ones, and respond to the meaningful. It makes my sleep even more broken than before, which is not fun.

It took me five days to get motivated to learn how to juggle a book with one off hand, or even with no hands. (Hardcovers only for the latter.) Because no matter how much I love my child, there's only so long that I can stare at her before going, "I would like something to read now, please." (It doesn't help that breastfeeding, even when done right, elicits pain in me, and distractions are really useful.) I just finished 1636: The Saxon Uprising, which is the interesting payoff for all the really boring setup that makes up 1635: The Eastern Front. Still, I wonder how much longer books will be written in this universe. There are very few places to start beyond the first book. I'm also almost finished with Love at Goon Park: Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection, which is really helpful right now. Helpful in the whole, "No, it's okay; you're being a good mother" sort of way, which I need some reassurance for when I don't have enough deep sleep and start crying. (Which I am wont to do when I have a few spare minutes where I don't need to be doing anything.)

I'm not terribly good at talking to Kidlet. Sometimes I can really get a conversation going, but usually I'm just quiet. I feel like I'm stunting her vocabulary. At least, when I talk to her, I use adult words and full sentences. Minus the pronouns. Mommy is getting very good at speaking in the third person.

Off to a lactation appointment. I never thought that I would consider 10 am to be far too early to be up and out of the house.
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Christmas Eve and Christmas day were very nice this year, but in the back of my head, there was a niggling little voice that kept saying "This is the last Christmas like this." That voice was there for Hannukkah too, but not quite the same. Hannukkah is much more spread out, and so the "adults-only"-ness also got spread out and diluted. But, especially the last two days, I kept thinking about how Kidlet would react to all of the tissue paper, the boxes, the lights, the trees, and all of the trappings that make up the Christmases that I married into. And, honestly, how much Kidlet will be enjoying it. Kidlet is going to have three sets of grandparents for which Kidlet is the only focus of their attention, and all of them love having little kids at the winter holidays. That's the big reason my mother hasn't hosted a Hannukkah celebration at her house in years -- the party, decorations, and trappings got dull without the kids in the house.

So next year, I will inherit the old decorations (and possibly get some new ones as well) and pick a night (or afternoon) to have the family Hannukkah party. (And I will make latkes with my mother, because I need to learn to make them well. The latkes this year were edible, but I wouldn't serve them to guests.) And Kidlet will start in on the joys of Sock Night, and Book Night, and Latke Night. And, (saddest of all for me), Kidlet will inherit the menorah that I have used since I was a very small child. My mother bought it in Israel with the intention of giving it to her first-born, which was me. And I always thought that I would give it to my first born. So night eight was a little bittersweet for me this year. Still, it's not like we don't have extra menorahs around the house.

I just looked up Hannukkah for 2011. Chabad says that it's December 20-28th. When is the weekend of Hannukkah? The 24th and 25th. This is going to get interesting. Perhaps there will be a Hannukkah party on Friday night, and we can light the Shabbat candles and the hannukiah at the same time. We shall see. I think [profile] wanderingfey may go into over-socialization mode by the 26th.
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So we went in for the big ultrasound on Tuesday. Once again, I had to have a full bladder, and there are few things more uncomfortable than having someone press a large piece of plastic into your stomach with a full bladder.

Kidlet was not as active as it has been in the past, but it was still being, according to the tech, squirrelly. Part of me wants to be able to feel Kidlet, and part of me is dreading it, because I have a feeling that it will gleefully kick, punch, and head-butt every internal organ of mine it can reach.

Kidlet's skin is translucent and it has very few muscles at the moment, so it was really easy to see the skeleton. Group Health is kind enough to put a secondary monitor on the wall so the proddee can see what's going on.

There was a fantastic shot of the spinal cord -- you could see each vertebrae, and all of the ribs coming down. It was almost like a picture in an anatomy textbook.

The heart was pumping away, very quickly, and the tech got a really good shot of all four chambers, doing what they're supposed to do. The heart rate is also what it's supposed to be at this age, too.

"Baby's Urinary Tract" just struck me as an amusing way to put it. True, but amusing.

Lots of head shots, and we were assured that everything was where it was supposed to be.

Kidlet still had two arms and two legs, but now we could see the femur and the humerus. They were these big, long, glowing white sticks. Instead of being out of an anatomy book, they were out of a Halloween picture, because you couldn't really see what they were attached to.

I got a call from my OB's office yesterday, and I was assured that I did not have placenta previa, and that all of the vital stats that the tech had collected for Kidlet were, in fact, in the range of normal. So that's all good.

A statement of gender will wait until after the holidays.
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I think that this slideshow from the Huffington Post is a decent rundown of the stuff in the new food safety bill. All in all, it doesn't look too bad. Now, the question is, will the FDA actually implement the bill as stated, or will they knuckle under to lobbyists? No idea, nor am I likely to write out my opinion for the Internet. But we can hope.

As with all FDA-related stuff, this is my opinion, and my opinion alone. I do not speak for any part of the FDA.

1) Food Recall Power -- This is the one in most of the news reports, and well should it be. Neither the USDA nor the FDA had the power to recall a darned thing. It was all voluntary. When people refused to recall, it wasn't FDA who would do the forcing. We'd have to call in the appropriate state agency, and they'd do the forcing. It worked okay with food; most states have a food recall law and agency. Drugs? Not so much.

2) Fees for Reinspection -- Could be good, could be bad. It will hit violators in the pocketbook, which is where it should hit them. But I can definitely see some problems, especially with small and very small firms.

3) Update Performance Standards -- Great, if we have the manpower to do it.

4) Establish Foreign Offices -- I guess we're allowed to do this, but I really wonder about international treaties. I want to know more. Right now, though, firms generally invite us in to inspect, because they want to be able to ship their goods to America.

5) Access to Records -- I suspect this is to bring food firms to the same levels of record compliance as drug firms. It's a good thing.

6) Power to suspend -- I suspect the reasoning for the addition here is is similar to number 1. I could be wrong.

7) Risk/Hazard Prevention -- HACCP for everyone! Seriously, this is a really freaking good idea. It works well for meat, poultry, and fish, and it should work well for other foods, too. I's a bear to implement in the beginning, though, so I hope we have the staffing to teach firms (especially, again, the small and very small firms) about how to implement it.

8) Produce Safety Standards -- Yes. Good.

9) Regulations on Food Unfit to Eat -- If it's unfit to eat, isn't it adulterated? I need more information to understand this one.

10) Food Allergy Management -- Good stuff. Not much to say.

11) Response and Recovery -- Very good. No one goes to the FDA website before going to the grocery store, unless it's a multi-state, front-page news recall.

12) Inspection frequency -- It was law that drug and device manufacturers had to be inspected every two years. So when you don't have enough inspectors to inspect everyone, who gets left out? My only issue is that in order to do this, the field NEEDS MORE INSPECTORS. Seriously, even a short, easy, one-day inspection with no collection is going to take a day of research, a day of inspecting, and then one or two days of writing up the findings, minimum. Inspectors work *hard*.

13) Tracking Produce -- Seems like a good idea. It's a lot easier to track bar-coded stuff, but most bar-coded stuff isn't eaten raw.

14) Imported Food Certification -- Seems like a good idea.

15) Foreign Regulatory Power -- Interesting. Very, very interesting. Not quite certain how this plays out...

16) Funding for Staff Expansion -- YES! MORE PEOPLE IN THE FIELD THANK YOU! Seriously, most of this stuff is worthless if we don't have the boots on the ground in all 50 states.

17) Whistleblower Protection -- Um, yes. Absolutely; this should have been in the FD&C before this.

18) Foreign Inspection Increase -- Directly ties into #16. Foreign inspection is hard, grueling work. You need good inspectors and good analysts who are willing to do that, and it takes *training*. I'm a little sad that my new job doesn't let me go out on either foreign or domestic inspections.

And now, to breakfast, and baking. I am not down with a lot of Christmas, but here's just something lovely about a breakfast of freshly baked sticky buns/cinnamon rolls.
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So I have been slacking on the exercise program. It really was the first trimester exhaustion that did it, plus the heavy breathing. But also, I was getting bored. I had intended to mix the Wii Fit with DDR, but then I discovered something that I hadn't been aware of. DDR involves jumping. A lot of jumping. And early 30s technocracygirl doesn't enjoy jumping nearly as much as 20-something technocracygirl. So the DDR kind of went away, and I was just doing the Wii Fit.

But last night, for Hannukkah, [profile] wanderingfey gave me Just Dance 2! So I put that in tonight. As it turns out, the most important part is to move your hands correctly, so even when the screen guy is going down in an easy Cossack squat, you can just do the arms and it still counts. Which is very good for the woman who gets nauseated from bending at the waist these days.

And I did a good 15-25 minutes of cardio tonight. (I was sweaty, breathing really hard, and exhausted. Good enough for me. Normally, I'm just panting and exhausted.)

So maybe now I have something to switch out for, and get back on the exercise track.

I did excellently on "It's Raining Men", "Rasputin", and "Call Me" and not so good on "Tik Tok" and "S.O.S." And there are still good songs I didn't muck around with today. Plus, there's a warm-up routine in the Options! Sweet!

In other news, I'm reading Lauren Willig's THe Secret History of the Pink Carnation, which is a romance novel/Napoleonic spy story a la The Scarlet Pimpernel. Actually, very, very similar to SP, now that I think about it. It eschews to modern romance tropes a little too firmly for my SF/F brain tastes, but is otherwise clever, cute, and a good little read. I've already read the sequel, The Masque of the Black Tulip, so I know what I'm in for.

And now, bed awaits.


Dec. 6th, 2010 09:44 pm
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I made my first ever batch of grown-up latkes! See, I've never bothered before, or just had some from Mom or my sister. But Latke Night is one of those things which must be done, so tonight was latke night.

The recipe I found needed another egg, I think. It jsut didn't bind quite enough. And if there's more egg, I think the latkes themselves will come out better; less of this too-thick on one side and too-thin on the other.

We also made cottage-cheese-and-matzah-meal latkes, which get fried in oil like potato latkes, but are otherwise dissimilar. They were surprisingly good. And they will probably re-heat well, which I'm certain that the potato ones will not. (Which was why we ate all the potato ones and save most of the cheese.) Again, they could have done with more egg.

Also, when the latke recipe says, "Serves 4," apparently, what it means is "Serves 4 as the entire freaking meal" because I cut the recipe in half and [profile] wanderingfey and I had nothing but latkes and applesauce for dinner. Tasty, but really heavy.

Happy Hannukkah, y'all!
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My body is definitely rearranging itself. I am decidedly pudgy in the forward direction. More so than usual, anyway. It is...a little twitchy for me.

Also, I can do without the 5:30 am alarm in my head, which seems to be going off this week regardless of what I do. I can ignore the other ones, but 5:30 just won't shut up.

We went to Beth Am last night. Mom and Dad joined us, since I was singing with the choir. I suspect I will be able to feel the kavanah more when I'm more used to the music, and especially when I'm not trying to pick the correct notes out of the air on the fly from the sopranos around me. Fortunately, I am surrounded by some good sopranos, so that helps. I am getting better at sight-reading, though. Perhaps when Peanut is older, I'll audition for the Seattle Women's Chorus again. (I also might have a bit more confidence in my abilities at that time.)

I'm probably going to go to services this morning. I wonder if it sucks or is awesome to have your b'nai mitzvah during Hannukah.

We went to the Taproot Thursday night with [profile] wanderingfey's mom and stepfather. They're showing Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be be, but it was still quite good. Watson was excellent, although I would have also liked to have seem more of Mycroft. Moriarty was fabulous; that was easily the best Marley scene I've seen since A Muppet Christmas Carol. I couldn't quite warm up to Holmes, but Holmes isn't necessarily a warm-up-to sort of guy. Holmes was a much harder nut to crack than Scrooge often is; he didn't really start to break down until a decent way into the third spirit. But it was all very believable and as true to the character of Holmes as one can get and still have the format of A Christmas Carol. I also missed the lack of children that they get at ACT; Young Holmes was a bit too tall for my taste. He was, however, very easy on the eyes.
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Now, this is a much more satisfying snowfall. It's very small flakes, but a lot of them, and they're showing up better against the pavement than the grass. And it's been coming down for about an hour and a half or more. And it doesn't look like its abating any time soon. Getting to work tomorrow should be interesting; I'm really going to have to give a goodly amount of time for driving slowly and carefully. It looks like the freeways are doing fairly well, though. Hopefully most of the precipitation will be off of them by the time it freezes tonight.

I'm very glad we stopped at the grocery store and the library yesterday. And I'm thrilled that I'm not recovering from a con today.
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Yes, I'm a little dorky for thinking of it that way, but it's true. There's even a picture, so it counts.

We were talking about what we were going to do today, and getting ready to leave the house soonish, and then [profile] wanderingfey looked out of one of the uncovered windows.

It is snowing. Just a little at first, but the flakes are increasing in size, density, and population as we watch. And they're sticking to the pavement.

So, yeah, plans for the day? Suddenly involve being inside.

And you know? As long as there's nothing that OMIGOSH YOU REALLY HAVE TO DO RIGHT NOW? And you have a nice, warm house? Snow is very nice. Relaxing to watch. Pleasant.
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I'm pregnant.

We've been trying for a bit, so it was a matter of time before one took, I suppose. I'm just about 14 weeks in, and I still mostly just feel sick instead of pregnant, but I figure that'll start changing soon, given that my body's starting to shift around.

So far as we're able to tell at the moment, the kidlet is as healthy as it can be, which is very good. It's too early for gender; we won't know that until late December. Kidlet will be popping out some time in late April/early May.

Really, there's not much more to tell at the moment, except for vital statistics that I'd rather not put down on the net for public consumption.

But yeah. I'm pregnant. And just a tad bit terrified. ;)
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I kind of want to air grievances about that weekend, but lately my posts have been ranty. So no.

The Halloween-stravaganza, what I was around of it for, was really very nice. I did have a good time, despite it all, and it was nice to see folks.

The chill-out gathering at [personal profile] lithera and [profile] pullthestars was more to my speed, but that's because I'm an introverty kind of girl. Plus, what is not to love about yarn and shoe shopping? (Despite the fact that I bought nothing.) And despite my detestation of all things zombie, Zombie Dice is an awesome game.

I now have my copy of Mischief, and I am thrilled! (With the additional stickers and trading cards. I need a very good place to put up the little one with a labyrinth and the message of "May you raise your eyes and never bow your head." It...means a lot to me.) I haven't listened to it yet. It'll probably get ripped onto my mp3 player first. We also picked up the new Alexander James Adams CD and one by Sharon Knight. She looked interesting, but we decided to just pick up our CD on Sunday and not stick around for the concert. It was a good decision.

And it looks like the Halloween decorations did the trick! (Also, the lack of rain.I poured buckets last year.) We got four trick-or-treaters last night! This despite not turning on our lights until about 6:30 pm. I fully applaud those parents and kids. (We are also rewarding their efforts with full-size candy bars, as both [profile] wanderingfey and I can *still* remember which houses gave out the full-size ones. We assume word will spread.)

We stopped by Central Market for groceries last night, and the area was mobbed with kids and parents. The shopping complex was giving out candy, and, well, yeah. The grocery store, except for the front, where the candy and the deli food counter were, was practically deserted.

I do not like this trend towards going to brightly-lit mall areas for trick-or-treating. Don't let your kid eat anything homemade, walk with them, and watch out for cars. How hard is that? If you can't trust your neighbors not to poison your kids, why do you live there? I swear, if our neighborhood goes dark on Halloween, I'll schlep the Hypothetical Child to their grandparents in Burien before I'll take them corporate trick-or-treating.
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I don't know if y'all know, but the FDA recently seized all the cheese at Estrella Family Creamery and warned people to toss any that might still be on the shelves.

Was this justified? In MY OPINION, (and not those of anyone else, especially not the FDA), boy howdy, are they ever. The Washington State Ag Department (WADA) first started investigating them back in February. The WADA and the FDA tested and/or inspected four more times; in all cases either cheese, production areas, or both tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. The creamery was asked to engage in a voluntary recall. They refused. So on the 21st, Marshals and inspectors went to the creamery and seized all the product.

At this point, I was very sorry for the business owners. It's a small local business. They do raw milk products, which means they're under a microscope, and that sucks. They just had their livelihood yanked out from under them, and that really, really sucks.

So even though I've read the affidavit (linked on that FDA link) and it looks justified to me, I still felt really sorry for these folks, and I was hoping that they'd get their act cleaned up fast and be back in production soon.

Right up until tonight, that is.

Because I read the comments attached to the Seattle Times story about the seizure, which had a repost of something that was originally posted by Kelli Estrella on her blog. I couldn't find a direct link, but according to Bill Marler at his food outbreaks blog, that's because she took it down. The entire post from Kelli Estrada can be found in the comments of that blog, but here's the bit that titled my post:

This is happening to us because we live in a nation that, as a whole, has rejected God's commandments. Check out the 10 commandments found in Deut. 5:6-21 if you don't know them. What part of "Do not kill" do we not understand? Everybody knows in their heart that the unborn are living human beings. Do we think that God doesn't see the carnage? Do we really think that our nation will continue to be blessed if we ignore his laws? I would suggest that if our nation does not repent, we will soon be reduced to losing a whole lot more than special cheeses. We will be like the prodigal son who found himself reduced to eating out of a pig trough.



Please, if you need to, go to the wikipedia link about L. mono that I posted up there. Even better, read the article on listeriosis, which is what you get from L. mono. Listeriosis causes miscarriages, stillbirths, and preterm labor. Listeriosis kills unborn children.

In person, I went on a bit of a four-letter rant after reading that lovely little bit of hypocrisy. But I try to be more polite on something that I can never get back, so here's the politer version.

Lady, if you follow the rules, no one would bother you. The FDA is going after you because listeria kills people and fetuses, more often fetuses. Your cheese is a murder weapon waiting to happen, and you refuse to unload the metaphorical gun. So the FDA and WADA are going to do it for you.

And I say thank G-d for them. Because it could have been my child that you killed. Or my sister's, or my cousin's, or my friend's. You could have killed any number of children. You may have already done so. They're making sure you don't kill any more.


Oct. 24th, 2010 06:35 am
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6:30 AM during a dark downpour and windstorm is one of the most apropos times imaginable to finish Cryoburn.

The end is...very, very well-written. I think she knows the audience she's writing for very well.

On the...other side, the CD is all I could have asked for and more. I do wonder why they didn't put Memory on it, but as I bought it in a Webscription pack with Miles, Mutants, and Microbes and Pyramid Power, I at least already have it on my Reader.

Which has now been re-authorized. I'd still like to know when I got an AdobeID. Methinks I was automatically signed up for it when I initially authorized my eBook Reader. That's...frustrating.

The storm is quite nice, though I don't think we're getting anything near the coastline gusts.


Sep. 16th, 2010 08:13 pm
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Okay, my fansquee just gave out in joy.

So, I loved Martha. She was smart, she was witty, she was rational, she was put together. I love her far, far more than I ever liked Rose. (Donna took me a while to warm up to, but I love her too now. But not as much as Martha.)

I was very, very sad that she didn't go on for season 4, but I had heard that Freema Agyeman was going to be in Law and Order: UK, and went, "Hey, the woman is working. Good for her."

But now [personal profile] lithera linked to this post wherein it is described that L&O: UK is going to be premiering on BBC America this October! Freema! On my TV! Yaaaaaay!

So then I have to go check out the wiki page on L&O: UK, to see who she plays, and...who's that on the other side of the cast photo? Is that...Jamie Bamber?


If I were not exhausted and having to do this 3:30 am thing again tomorrow, I would be on the net trolling for fanfic.

Yeah, that's getting TiVo'ed.
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I'd heard of the song a long time back, especially at this post, where the author, Seanan McGuire, asks for other women to write verses for. I liked the song, but only intellectually. It's hard to love a song you've never heard.

Then, at the great big author/song shindig at Wayward a few months back, Kitten Sundae plus extra Seanan sprinkles performed it as their "last" song.

I cried. I stood, at the back of the official audience area, with tears not quite fully streaming down my face, but only because it was hot and I was probably dehydrated. Everyone else seemed to adore the last song, which was brand-new, but, really, I couldn't tell you what that song was if I'd tried. There was something in that song that touched me in a very raw, searing, soul-deep part of my soul that's not quite healed.

Fast forward a few weeks. I want to hear this song again. Desparately, desparately want this song. But the pre-order page for Seanan's Wicked Girls page said that the pre-orders weren't available yet, and anyway, pre-orders don't help when you want the song NOW. (I should note that the album is up for pre-orders now. I am waiting for the next paycheck.)

And now I will never again be irritated by fans with video cameras again, because two blessed fans taped two different versions of the song being performed. And I can listen to the song again, and again, and again.

And I still cry. Every darned time.

Part of it is guilt or shame, for feeling like I've not lived up to the song's themes. Part of it is pure, unadulterated joy, at the sheer possibility of the song, of the meaning behind it, of the joyous audacity, of the strength, and the verve, and the awesome-ness. But really, I don't know why. I just know that I love this song. (Of course, this is obvious, or I wouldn't be burbling all about it on the internet.)

Here's the link to the video of Seanan and Vixy singing it. This one is my favorite, though, because Sooj is Vixy's backup, and as awesome as Seanan is, I love Sooj. Plus, the sound quality is better. Probably because SoulFood has warmer acoustics.

Listen to it or don't, either is fine with me. Most of you dislike or despise filk, and I'm not into making people listen to music they hate. But I doubt that most of my friendslist has ever heard of this song, and it seems very unfair to keep it to myself.
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What Will Happen If the Republicans Force a Government Shutdown?

Let's talk large view for a moment. In 2008, there were 2,768,886 people employed as civilians by the US Federal Government. (Data from here.) That's almost three million folks. What's the current number of unemployed people? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that's 14.9 million people. So, if the federal government shuts down, that's an approximate 16% increase of people who don't have the money that they expected to be coming in to be coming in. Do you really think that the economy can afford to have that many more people to be out of work? Really?

I'm trying to write out how this would affect me personally, but when I do, I just think of all of my friends who are in financial difficulties, and who have been dealing with this horrible, horrible economic crap for a very long time. And I feel like a heel for talking about this and not all the stuff that they have already gone through and are still dealing with, while I discuss hypotheticals.

So I'll just say this, and if anyone wants to question in the comments, they can. If I don't get paid but am still employed, I can't collect unemployment insurance or access most of the other safety nets available to the unemployed. Therefore, our household budget would get cut to the absolute bone as fast and as harshly as possible. We have savings, but with no idea of when the Republicans would be willing to let me work for pay again, we would have no idea how long of a storm we would have to weather. There's temporary jobs, but I doubt they would be scientific ones. (There are a lot of scientists in the area who are employed by the federal government. All of us would be out of work.) I doubt I could even get a McJob -- they'd see that I was most recently employed by the federal government and assume that I'd bail on them at the first opportunity. (Not to mention that I can't get money from anyone the FDA inspects while I work for the FDA. So no fast food at all.)

Shutting down the government means that 3 million people are suddenly out of work with all of the badness and none of the safety net or future new job that it normally entails.

That's what the Republican plan gets you. No social services, and less money flowing into the economy.

On the plus side, I'd have a lot more time to be involved in politics...
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This has not been a good week for the exercising; I've only made two Wii entries so far, but I did get to the gym Thursday night. I've been doing a lot of driving, and I am sick and tired of it. Monday is unlikely to be a go-anywhere sort of day. Maybe.

But it's been good for talking, and getting some stuff out in the open that needed to be discussed, and hopefully a healthier relationship can come from that.

Work is going well, but I find myself walking around more, just to stop from sitting all the time. And talking to other people more, because otherwise, I won't. But I'm also spending more time with the micro people, which gives me more people to talk to and know, and that's very nice.

I really can't complain, except about the car and when I spend too much.

Today is a girl lunch and (hopfully!) baking challah for Rosh Hashanah.
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The Hypothetical Child will get some sort of lecture on how you do not put anything on the internet that you would not want to find ten years later. Or, perhaps worse to a teenager, that you would not want your parents to find.

This was one of those things, ergo the waiting period.

A position opened up at work for a Quality Systems Specialist. What is a Quality Systems Specialist, you may ask? It is someone who works for the Quality Systems Manager, doing QC stuff like making sure the lab continues to be A2LA accredited. (This is very important, by the way. VERY important.)

"But [personal profile] technocracygirl," you may ask, "Why on earth would you want to be a Quality Systems Specialist, when you can be a drug chemist and go out on inspections and do neat things like that?"

And I would say, "One: the Hypothetical Child is hypothetical, and while I am paranoid about such things as gloves, a desk job is somewhat safer. Two: there is promotional potential."

And you might say, "Is there a pay increase involved in this?"

And I would respond, with a sigh, "No, and that is why I am pondering making the office brownies instead of buying doughnuts."

So, whee! I must say, it's a bit odd to have everyone congratulating me when I'm not even moving out of my pod.

I'm not going to say it's my favoritest job ever. But I may very well end up enjoying it, and I think I can do a decent job of it. And by G-d, it's some of the most transferable skills I will ever pick up.

Happy news

Aug. 23rd, 2010 04:57 pm
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There is goodness.

Details will be forthcoming.

Edit: This is a non-child related announcement.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 04:41 pm
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So, after a lovely dim sum lunch with R and S at House of Hong, we went and saw Inception. (Yes, finally.)

I have some thoughts.

I think thinky thoughts here, with SPOILERS. )


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