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Kidlet had her very first swim lesson today. She's loved playing in the water at bath time, and she gets very excited when we're near a fountain, so we figured that she'd love swimming lessons.

And she does. We didn't do the safe getting into the water thing, as Kidlet has so fussy by the time the last class got out that I couldn't wait to get her into the water, and I didn't realize that there was a safety protocol. So next week, we will not get to the pool nearly so early, and we will be working on patience, which will be...interesting.

Kidlet does not like being on her back, so the being-on-her-back exercises weren't nifty until I started to move quickly. Kidlet adores going zoom, so it got a lot more successful. Even better was zooming around in a circle, causing a great deal of waves. And since both kids in the class were totally comfortable with water being poured on their head, we will be starting submersion next week! That will be interesting.

I'm exhausted, Kidlet is exhausted, and this has been very, very successful. Also, I like playing in the water with Kidlet.
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