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The insane, inconsolable crying before dropping into sleep from sheer exhaustion? Yeah, I'd like to be done with that.

For my sleep habits, I saw a counselor yesterday. She gave me some muscle relaxation exercises, and a countdown exercise to do as I sleep. And they worked, they really did. The big problem was when Kidlet woke up 30-60 minutes after I'd fallen asleep, and I litterally fell back asleep and dreamed in the the middle of a conversation with [profile] wanderingfey. Bless his heart, he took her. Fortunately, she just needed some rocking to go back to sleep. (She wasn't awake, just yelling.) Still, getting up an hour after that was still hard, but doable. Now I just need to do some meditating and exercise during the day.

I finished Julia Kagawa's The Iron Queen. I picked it up because a) it won the 2011 RITA for YA Romance, b) it looked interesting, and c) it was written by one of the two 2011 RITA award winners who was not Caucasian. So, in the furtherance of the [community profile] 50books_poc challenge (which I totally have never succeeded in, as far as I know), I checked it out.

It's not a bad book. It's got some interesting ideas about Faery. I found it interesting/amusing that Kagawa's land of the fae is called the Nevernever, as that's a word I've only heard from the Dresden Files before. I read it through to the end, which is more than I can say for many a book lately. But on the whole, it didn't do all that much for me. There's a teenage girl. There's the boy she loves (and who loves her back -- this is book three of the series), and the boy who's her best friend who wants to be her true love. Note: she does not seem to have any female friends. In fact, the only other women I remember are Mab and the main character's mother, and I really don't like books with a female protagonist who has no female friends. (Or even allies.) It smacks too much of the Smurfette Principle to me. One of the things I've come to appreciate about linked or grouped romances is that, even though each book centers on one male/female couple, the females can and do interact with each other in books not their own, and a community is created. (You can do the same thing is a solo book, but that doesn't often happen in the romance genre, at least as far as I've seen.)

Honestly, I probably would have really enjoyed this book as a teenager, what with the pretty boys and the cosmic power. And it's as well-written as other YAs I've read recently. So for its target audience, it's a good book. For me, not so much.

We had game at our house. I really do like gaming, and I really like having people come over. I just wish that Kidlet would go down easier on Thursday nights. Heck, I wish she went down easier most nights, but last night was really an awake-time of epic proportions. Oddly, she didn't really nap through most of the day, so I don't know what that was about. We shall see, I suppose.


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