Jul. 13th, 2011

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Kidlet's hair looks black when there's blarg in it. Otherwise, it's light brown, with what might be gold highlights. It's amazing what you can see when you give the kid a bath.

Today is not a day in which we have anything scheduled. Yay! I think Kidlet has been spending too many afternoons in her car seat.

I finished Ilona Andrews's Magic Slays yesterday, thanks to the library. (I actually have the book, but as a paper book, which doesn't work real well right now. It is quite good. Like the Kitty books, I think these are getting better as the series progresses. There is definitely growth and change. I especially love how Kate has been moving from the badass, solitary, out-of-bubblegum trope in book one into someone who is growing a circle of friends and family around her. Especially since those friends and family include a number of equally real women. I love when urban fantasy heroines have female friends.

My life really is revolving around Kidlet, books, and events right now. If I seem a bit one-note, well, there's a definite reason for it. Calories are still replacements for sleep, and a sense of exhaustion still pervades the house. I still have thank you notes to write and to send out. (And the sending always seems to be the hardest.) And we're in the PURPLE stage, where we can expect lots of wailing and screaming. (Like what I was dealing with this morning.) And it's wailing and screaming about nothing. Or, more precisely, Kidlet is unhappy, but has no idea what will make her happy. So she screams until we hit on something to soothe her or she goes to sleep. (Which is often what she wants, but doesn't admit.)

Kind of boring, but that's what I've got for now. Newborns are nice, but they don't make for interesting lives. (Though I wonder how Michelle Duggar does it. I mean, getting up at random late-night times for at least an hour at a time for something like twenty years? Bleah. Not for me.)


technocracygirl: Cartoon Raven from "Teen Titans" glaring at you from over the top of her book (Default)

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